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Environmentalists, best friends, scientists, caregivers, and coffee addicts. We're on a mission to help you care for your baby, sustainably.

Inside every Bodhi Baby box, you will find eco-friendly, fair trade items, that can be reused and cherished by multiple families.

Each and every item comes from a company that has adopted sustainable practices and supports local communities.

Bodhi (\BOH-DEE\) noun: to awaken

Bodhi is a Sanskrit name meaning "Awakened" or "Enlightenment"

The Buddhist concept of Bodhi is spiritual awakening and freedom from the cycle of life.





Kelsi Nichols, MPH


CEO and certified baby whisperer

"As an epidemiologist (a disease scientist) and nanny for more than twenty kids, I’ve seen a lot of things I couldn’t believe. There is tons of existing research about infant mortality, but very little of it is available for, well understood, or easily applied by parents.


This is especially true in the area of baby products and clothes. It seems there are very few items that are research-based or transparently produced. It occurred to me that it was very difficult for parents to access sustainable, fair trade items at a reasonable cost (and with minimal effort).


I love babies and want my own (eventually), but before that happens I want to redefine what it means to raise children sustainably. I bring all of my real-world knowledge about parenting together with hard science when curating our collections.

That’s why I started Bodhi Baby!"

Victoria Cernoch

Co-founder and professional daydreamer

"I have always been a nature-loving person — which led me to pursue that passion in college, where I studied Ecology and Conservation Science.


During my studies, we talked about human-caused environmental impacts daily. Climate change and plastic pollution were a regular discussion. However, when I received my Bachelor of Science and went out into the real world, I had a major realization. I found out that, although scientists have a good understanding of our human impact, that knowledge is not often shared with the public.


I believe it is crucial for knowledge about the planet to be shared with the public in an accessible manner and that many people truly do care about the environment. I work with Bodhi Baby to help reach out to people like you, who want to do everything they can to make a difference."

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Bodhi (\BOH-DEE\) noun: to awaken


Bodhi is a Sanskrit name meaning "Awakened" or "Enlightenment" The Buddhist concept of Bodhi is spiritual awakening and freedom from the cycle of life.

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